Who The Hell Am I?

An insane man moonlighting as a respectable member of society from Portland, Oregon. A rock n’ roller since his mother first spun The Police’s “Roxanne,” I’m a lover of all things dabbler in soul, funk, jazz, blues, electronic and alternative hip-hop. Once upon a time, a friend told me to write about music. So I started doing that. But if you want to read about it

The Casual Ramble focuses on the stories, poetry and rambles of my internal mind that had taken the backburner while I wrote about music. The main column will dive into music industry commentary that crosses my mind, but, it won’t be the main squeeze. Or maybe it will–it’s like jazz, we’ll improvise.

I also write music commentary for Atwood Magazine

If you still want to shoot me an email with your music, please do so at thefriedneckbones@gmail.com

Include a subject line with basic information (album artist, title, release date, et cetera)


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