So this it, my first official short story. I originally wrote this in 2019 in my journal while listening to This Is Happening with my roommate. Shortly after writing, I actually bought a typewriter. So this is probably more like a memoir. I’ve got like 5 other stories like this, all on A4 Paper, written […]

First things first: Rontoms makes a workman’s mojito. It might sound oxymoronic, and it’s certainly a jest, but that fast and dirty drink is old dependable for this hipster in grandpa casual getup needing a pick-me-up. Eight hours of sleep just didn’t do the job after spending 42 hours running alumni events for my college […]

Piano keys are still the heaviest instruments on Earth. Beurk if you must, but there is no other means to match the rank weight of percussion with the sincerity of melody, sheer and sustained. It is the return of the tempest, announced by the first goblet drops of water over the keyboard. “Hold on tight,” […]

This was written on March 13th, around about midnight, after the Bill Schonely memorial. It was a late addendum to an already busy writing day, but one which needed to be written lest the memory of the Schonely not be fully laid to rest. He means a great deal to more than just my own […]

Alright, so this is a weird one. Normally when I ramble about something, I generally refrain from a structure to allow for a more free-flowing prosaic quality to shine through. And that does happen here, eventually, as the Blazers are one of those subjects that render my already effusive self to become even more effusive…-er […]